Alejandro Escala Teran aka DJ Terabite its a young of Barquisimeto city in Venezuela, that after years of attending various events, parties, be faithful listener and supporter of several producers and DJs of electronic music, decide to venture in mid-2009 to experience the world of the mix of beats and the world of DJing as such.

And in 2010 began to be known as a DJ attending various events and festivals held in which he had the opportunity to share the stage with major national and international talent of the electronic scene and has continued as has been progressing and acquiring expertise, experience and style of mixing.

In 2011 the whole bit obsessed with music, the quality and variety of tracks to listen daily, began to experiment with the production of electronic music and continues to carry out this task as the whole mixture.

His style is versatile in the scene may vary from genres ranging from 80 BPM to 170 BPM according to the occasion, among his collection of tracks and genres that handles can be found: DUBSTEP, MOOMBAH, FIDGET HOUSE, ELECTRO, TECHNO, DRUMSTEP, TRAP, MUTANT BASS, JUKE, TWERK and many other derivatives of HIP HOP BASSLINE and merged with electronics.

Currently still in the constant quest to improve their quality of work in general, is open to working with other artists and talents of the medium.